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PAYE and VAT Problems – Help

The Process

Here, at Company Advice, we get a lot of companies with VAT and/or PAYE problems.  If you have no other pressing issues, we can help you get to an agreement that keeps your business running and the authorities happy, with a structure for payment that clears the debt over time.  We work with you to present the best possible picture as to how the debt can be settled and then negotiate with the authorities to get an agreement approved.  If they won’t budge, we will keep trying and offer to you other solutions that help you get through a difficult time.  Don’t delay, call us today.

History of Revenue or VAT Debt

If you have been a serial defaulter or non-payer, then maybe there are other alternatives to try and arrange than negotiation with the Inland Revenue or the VAT.  We have a wide variety of solutions that can help you with your business.  We work with you to assess what the problem is and how is the best manner to deal with it.

Time To Pay Arrangements

Time To Pay Arrangements are effective if you keep to them and even the Revenue and VAT understand that not everything goes smoothly all the time, so therefore, if a proper proposal is put to them and they accept that you want to try and do the best thing, we can help you with a Time To Pay Arrangement that keeps everybody happy and the debt eventually paid off.

Broken Time To Pay Arrangements

Depending on how it’s done, we’ve helped businesses negotiate a second Time To Pay Arrangement if they have broken the first one.  There has to be a genuine reason and a strong belief that this is the right route to take.  We sit down, go through everything with you and, subject to you being happy and wanting us to continue, we will then negotiate on your behalf.  We can’t guarantee that every Agreement is accepted, and if it’s not going to happen, we have other alternatives that will keep you in control of your business and put you back on track to making a profit.

Field Force and Enforcement Office Visits

If you are threatened with any of the above, then call us.  We can help give you advice as to how to stop the bailiff coming and having to sign one of those much-feared Distraint Notices.  Often, the ability to talk to somebody else and discuss the situation can make something a lot clearer.  We will help you create a plan that means you don’t have to have them knocking on your door and trying to take your goods away.
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